Our two most popular packages

Lite Package

$14900Per topic annually
  • Choose from 1- 4 topics
  • Unlimited employees
  • $4.50 Per passed assessment
  • $150.00 Initial set up fee

Basic Package

  • Your choice of 5 topics
  • Unlimited employees
  • $4.50 per passed assessment
  • $150.00 Initial set up fee

Medication Management Package

$9900Annually (as an add on only)
  • Medication Management for Carers, plus
  • Safe Medication Management for Nurses
  • $4.50 per passed assessment
  • Waived if purchased as an add on

Add on topics

Add on as many topics as you wish from our library

1-2 Topics

$14900 per topic/annually

3-5 Topics

$9900per topic/annually

6-10 Topics

$5900per topic/annually

11+ Topics

$4900per topic/annually

Assessment Fees

Assessment fees are charged per individual assessment. Each time an employee completes an assessment for their selected training you will be charged an assessment fee. You will only be charged once regardless of how many attempts an employee makes at completing an assessment


One of your employees, Sarah, logs into JiaNet and completes the Basic life support assessment. Sarah passes this assessment and you are charged 1 assessment fee of $4.50. Sarah logs back in to the JiaNet system and attempts the Manual Handling assessment but fails on her first attempt, it takes Sarah another three attempts to pass the assessment. You are only charged $4.50 for Sarah to complete the Manual Handling assessment just like the Basic life support assessment even though Sarah attempted it 4 times.

Please Note

Please note that all training topics are prepared for the purpose of in service training only. Your employees can claim CPD hours for the time that they spend undertaking each topic